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Welcome to our pet shop specialized in the exotic shorthair cats and kittens. We are experts in the cats of different breeds and known for our commitment to supporting our customers to get healthy and affordable exotic shorthair cat and kittens on time.  We have years of experiences in this sector and successful records for our professional programs and guidelines for pet shopping. 

Our exotic shorthair cat breeding

Everyone in our team has proficiency and years of experiences about the exotic shorthair cat breeding. We recommend this cat breed for anyone who likes the Persian cat, but do not wish to engage in the daily cat grooming activities.

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We are happy to update our collection of exotic shorthair kittens day after day and make certain overall convenience for all visitors to our pet shop to pick and purchase the appropriate cat or kitten as per their wishes.

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We have a dedicated customer support team which operates 24/7. We understand and make certain the overall benefits of everyone who receives the prompt response from experts in the cats and kittens. We are very conscious about the instant response to anyone who contacts our pet shop. We provide the complete details about exotic shorthair for sale and clarify your doubts about anything associated with our pet collection.


Every member of our team is certified and recognized for the professionalism in the breeding of exotic shorthair cats and sale on online. We are here to provide you the absolute guidance and assist you to pick and purchase one of the most suitable exotic shorthair kittens and cats.


We carefully monitor the health and nutrition of our cats, We spend amble time with our exotic shorthair kittens and training them to love their owners, be familiar with pets and other kids that’s the essence of owning a kitten. We give them high nutrition’s both protein and dry and wet foods for their well being. We provide the best care for our ctas.


 Exotic shorthair breeders in accordance with the standards of the breed. Our kittens are free from Our exotic shorthair cat are vaccinated against bacterial and viral infection and other diseases that affects this breed such as rabies, panleukopenia, calicivirus and  rhinotracheitis. The vaccines are given four weeks after their birth.


We regularly potray pictures of our past cats on our website for families to see the varipous markings and color our team of families breed. We take in much time and love in breeding our beautiful shorthair cats and kittens.


All breeders receive support, advice and feedback on the care and rehoming of their new pet and introducing to their family. Various steps will be given at the time of introduction.

History Of Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair Cats is a cat breed created as a short-haired version of the Persian long-haired cat. They were originally bred from the crossing of a red tabby Persian cat and an American shorthair Russian blue and a Burmese cat. Over time, it was a silver Persian cat used as a cross, so the exotic offspring looked like a Persian, but didn’t have a shorthair one. Saying that. . . Exotic Shorthair kitten is considered a breed of Shorthair and named Shorthair, however, the offspring of Exotic Shorthair can be either Shorthair or Longhair.


The early exotic shorthair for sale were somewhat more active than their Persian relatives as they interbreeded with the short hair gene, however in the last four decades since the breed was born, the exotic species has become more like Persian behavior, eventually dubbed “Persian Shorthair”! Persian cat personality, the Exotic cat has a gentle, loving, laid-back personality, and is playful and inquisitive at the same time. Today, the exotic shorthair is said to be somewhat livelier than their previous longhaired ancestors. However, as a breeder I personally breed both Persian and exotic shorthair cat and I discovered that Persians are not lazy, like most posts and web magazines. It seems that after publishing something like this it is copied by others. Persians considered lazy does not necessarily have to be like this. It can be an active, happy and lively cat But yes, the exotic shorthair can be a ham with its personalities. Like the Persian cat,  the grazing exotic shorthair adoption, is loyal, affectionate, calm and playful, making it the perfect cat for any home, including smaller houses and even apartments. Exotic shorthair kittens for sale  are a popular breed because they are quiet, sweet, calm, and loving companions. They are easy to drive and don’t seem to bother them much. Overall, they are extremely nice, softly begging for your attention with an irresistible gaze, focusing on you and your eyes, showing off their intelligence and eager to be part of your life. They love to lie in a ball for a nap or take pleasure in just being with you. He often likes to sit on your shoulder and hug you with great tenderness! They do not need constant attention, but they will show how much they love their master. . . purring and watching your every move, waiting for your exotic shorthair kitten love in return!

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Rosalia Los Angeles

Ever since I got Lola from inxscima exotic shorthair kittens cattery . I think that was the best decision I made this year. she has helped me with the depression of lockdown. Very caring people and always ask after her till this date

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Christina Michigan

From the moment i set my eyes on drey , i fell in love and from the time i held him in my arms he has been a bundle of joy to my daughter . Both are very affectionate to us other. I wouldn't be more happier getting my exotic shorthair cat from inxscinema cattery. Amazing family. Thank you

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Fabiola Gondov Baltimore

Its with great honor and pleasure getting my first ever pet from inxscimema , they provided with all assistance i could ever imagine of . Great . Thank you once again.

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Claire Miroslov Baltimore

Its with great honor and pleasure getting my first ever pet from inxscimema , they provided with all assistance i could ever imagine of . Great . Thank you once again.

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Jude California

Great family very dedicated in handling my boy Tobi . wonderful temperament , i would recommend any family wanting to adopt a exotic shorthair kittens from inxscinema is in great hands. Cheers

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